The best of Yanko Design 2008

My new favorite twitterbot, fwd-fwd-fwd ( recently linked to the Best of Yanko Design 2008 and I became thoroughly entranced for at least 20 minutes. If you translate that from Internet Time into Real Time, that's probably several real hours.

 Some of the stuff is just fucking cool.

 Couple of my favorites:

 Flying Stick Camera:

The coolest sink EVER:

Pocket light:

Glasses that improve your field of view:

Some of them are just retarded though.

San Jose Sharks at HP Pavilion

I went to my first hockey game ever a couple weeks ago. I was very impressed by the entire Sharks franchise. The venue was great (didn't hurt that we had killer seats, 70% off face value). They did the whole "sharks" thing very well, the music, decorations, clothing.

I have never seen more sports fans dressed up in jerseys at a game in my life. San Jose has some really hardcore fans. It was a great game, the Sharks blew out the Maple Leafs. Here's a video of the players coming out before the game: